Monday, October 30

Strange Greeting

"Egg for Pauline" by Barbara Benish
This strange sculpture adorns the entrance to the Chapman art building. Yes, it is fitting that something strange greets those who enter my home away from home; art students are considered weird, so why not have strange building adornments? However, even we art students are perplexed as to why this piece was gifted as a part of our permanent collection. A giant orb of steel and scotch tape, that hovers like a cloud over the entrance doors...thank you?


sarah said...

i like it!!

lisa d said...

really, scotch tape? you guys are weird.

kelly v said...

Yup, scotch tape...we are weird.

Barbara said...

weird is good, no? It means you are thinking out of the box. And if you are going to be an artist, or understand the arts, then thats the first step to take, isn't it?
Barbara Benish