Monday, October 23 much is that canvas worth?

"La Reve" Pablo Picasso 1932

Recently a Picasso painting was maimed due to an overly gestural talker with a retinal disorder. That's right, millionair Steve Wynn made an agreement to sell his Picasso "La Reve" for $139 million; which would have trumped the $135 million paid for the Gustave Klimt portrait of Adele Bloch Bower. During one of his last displays of the painting, Wynn gestured too widely and punctured the canvas with his elbow. The value of the painting is considered by experts to be immediately depreciated, but Steve Wynn has stated that he will use the incident to raise awareness for his disease (retinitis pigmentosa). Well, if nothing else there are millions of art history students who now have one more obscure piece of information to add to an already extensive list of obscurities in the history of art.


Rocket Surgeon, Phd said...

I heard that the first thing he said was "Thank goodness it was me"

Made me like him a lot more than his casino pedigree would have normally allowed....

sarah said...

only someone who has too much money would be able to accidentally puncture something worth that much, and not necessarily monetarily.
know what i mean?
what a waste.