Friday, November 10

Know Thy Donor

"Dr. Arnold O Beckman"
by Miriam Lodder
The Chapman campus, being a private school and therefore built entirely on private donations, is littered with donor portraits. Every building is named after someone, as are rooms, chairs, coffee carts, computers, parking structures, etc. It was my plan to discuss a different donor for each of my remaining weeks here. I have since realized that I'm going to have to pick and choose because there are far too many donars to choose from.

This is one of my favorite donor busts, "R.C. Hoiles." I like the looks of this man, largely because he's a snazzy dresser. Not only does he have the distinction of being the only donor portrayed in a hat, but his boutinear is classy and his expression is no where near as creepy as some rendered upon other donor faces. In fact, I imagine that if he were the flesh and blood R. C. Hoiles he might reach his hand to his hat and tip it politely as I pass. Well good evening to you too sir.

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