Sunday, November 19

Sunday at the Museum

Today was the opening of the Magritte and Contemporary Art Exhibit at the LACMA. Due to the fact that they want to sell more books and postcards in the book store the security discourages photography, so most of these were taken on the sly. Over all the exhibit was pretty amazing; the fact that it was opening day meant a large crowd, but a show like this was worth navigating through.

Lamia and I thought that the seating area was interesting; in the midst of more Magrittes than will probably be shown together ever again, these people were retreating into another world. One girl fell asleep, one man decided to read the book on Magritte while sitting in the presence of the real deal, and another man was reading a brochure for another exhibit. Interestingly enough I think Magritte might have been interested in this scenario as well.

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your sis said...

Love the carpet in the gallery. Brilliant. The guy reading a book about Magriette in the gallery is a lot like the blokes who bring Shakespeare's scripts (or Cliffs Notes) to see plays. People are funny.