Wednesday, November 1

Why Wednesdays are Wonderful

After a week of dealing with academia, I often feel burned out and ready to get off campus. This is why my friend Lamia and I take wednesdays to retreat to our favorite Orange county artist hang out, The Gypsy Den. The ambience is unbeatable, the food is delicious and mostly healthy, and best of all its far away from Chapman University.

Ahhh...the Artist Village in Santa Ana CA

The walls are covered in paintings by various artists; some of them have been donated, some are thrift store finds, and some of them were done by the servers. Speaking of servers, wednesday is the day that Nathan works; he makes the best creme brule and we get it almost every week.

In addition to Nathan's superb brule the Gypsy Den also features live music on most nights; they have open mike night twice a week, but every other wednesday my favorite band plays.

T hese adorable old men call their jam session "Django Jam." I love this jam session, both for the joyful spirit of the men who play and for the music they produce. Their music sounds like the soundtrack to the Triplets of Bellville or Chocolate; stand up bass, guitars, banjo, snare drum, and violin. Who wouldn't love a wednesday like this?

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lisa d said...

such fun. almost makes all of that homework worth doing, huh?