Monday, January 8

The Collapse of the World

Kennesaw State University is currently conducting an investigation concerning the collapse of their 175 ton sculpture entitled "Spaceship Earth" by Finnish artist Eino. Apparently no one witnessed the collapse of the $1 million globe, which has only been in place for three months now. A New York Times article discussed the collapse of the sculpture, stating that the school has ruled out vandalism, but the artist has not; Eino claims that there was nothing structurally unstable about the sculpture. The globe, complete with a smaller bronze sculpture of the first executive director of the Sierra Club, had been commissioned with the hopes that it would raise debate over global warming. The New York Times quoted a professor who suggested that they leave it on the ground, "it might be interesting to leave the sculpture as it is as a reminder that if we don’t take care of this planet soon, it’s going to fall apart, just like this.”

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lisa d said...

i read in the times yesterday that our temperatures on average are 2.2 degrees higher than usual, and worldwide eight out of the last ten years have set new records for heat. i think we should listen to the giant statue...

bush just lifted the ban on alaskan offshore drilling, so that should be greaaat.