Saturday, January 13

Idyllwild's Iron Garden

One of Idyllwild's most interesting yards is located on Wayne drive, just off Darrell in Fern Valley. Formerly the Jorgensen residence, the property contains a plethora of collected iron items. The Jorgensens moved to Idyllwild in 1947, and the collection grew in the front yard from the time they got there to the time he died in 1985. Anna, his wife, maintained the yard from that point on and was always willing to guide people through it. I remember being guided through the yard as a little girl, exploring the bells, shovels, random tools, and signs. The construction always amazed me, and Mrs.Jorgensen was always willing to discuss the scene in her front yard. Anna Jorgensen died about three years ago at the age of 99, but the yard is maintained by neighbors, and it's still a pretty impressive place.


Michael Coulombe said...

I'd love to get a hold of the place to film there. Do you have a number for the owner by any chance? Email me at

Thank you kindly.

Michael Coulombe

Steve Peters said...

I have a nice cassette recording of Anna giving me a tour of the place, probably around 1984 or so. Do you know if her bell collection is still intact? I am a composer and very interested in bells, and would love to make a piece using her collection if possible.