Wednesday, February 21

Betsey Johnson

Recently I've come to the realization that I am now the typical college graduate; broke, with a breaking car, and slightly annoyed that I am now overqualified for most of the available jobs in my area. In order to sooth my weary soul I took a trip off the hill to clean and fuel my car, but ended up taking a detour to try on shoes that I can neither afford nor do I have a reason to wear. Not to mention that I hardly need an extra three or four inches of height added to my already 5' 10" frame. However, the words "Betsey Johnson" are guaranteed to add glee to even the gloomiest of days. Bright pink soles, flowers, frills, and glitter; it was a wonderful afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Betsey Johnson=happiness in a pink box! There truly is nothing better than trying on glittery frilly shoes; it always put me in a good mood. When I get back we will spend all day trying on gaudy shoes, drink chai tea from the den, listen to the song paperweight over and over again, and of course watch mindfreak because everyone loves a man who can levitate! Ciao bella!

lisa d said...

oooh, city shoes. it's surprising, but i love that last pair!