Wednesday, February 7

Some Sort of Rodent

Currently I'm applying for a job at the private arts high school in town; on my many trips there to apply and follow up I kept seeing this giant rodent thing next to the gallery. My assumption is that it was some sort of class project. It's made out of chicken wire, plaster, found objects and has been a little damaged. The giant thing perplexes me though; is it a squirrel or a chipmunk? Why does it have a mustache? Who broke it's golden egg...or is that an acorn? Why is there a pink cardigan draped across it's back? Was it cold and some student took care of it? Was there a rodent parade at ISOMATA and this is part of a remaining float? The most interesting thing about this rodent though? It doesn't really seem out of place. For some reason an art school in the mountains is the perfect place for a giant rodent with reflectors for eyes, because artists can get away with pretty much anything.

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