Wednesday, February 28


A tradition of weaving exists in my family, dating back to at least our roots on a southern plantation during the civil war. I can remember playing in our back room underneath a loom that had been built by my great grandfather in the 1930s. My great grandmother was the primary user of this loom and her work is all over our house in the form of place mats, and afghans, but primarily in the form of hangings. My aunt also has some claim to fame in this medium, and my dad once made my sister a kilt on our loom. Here are some pieces form our collection.
This is a watercolor done by my aunt of my great grandmother, Ella C. Rundstrum also known as Cookie, working on the loom.
This is a small hanging, in my bedroom, done by my aunt.
This one is by great grandma Cookie.
This was a wedding present for my parents, done by my aunt Jean.
This was done by Cookie; I hung it as part of my womans history month art show last year to surprise my dad and my uncle. Weaving has a long held artistic association with woman's art work, I thought it appropriate to include it in my show.
This was done by Cookie. It used to hang behind my grandmother's char when I was little; I always thought it an appropriate back drop for such an ellegant woman.
Finally, this hanging was done by my aunt Jean. I always loved the bells she chose to hang from it, so creative, and musical.


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I love them all!!!

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