Wednesday, April 18

Customer Conversations

Every once in awhile I come across a customer who has no business owning a car, especially one they actually drive. One such customer was an old lady named Bev. I picked her up at her retirement home where she suggested that I drive her car for her, a 2006 Prius, because I knew where I was going. After an enjoyable drive, where we discussed my youth and idealistic plans for my future, I parked at the dealership and went to help her out of her car. This is when I noticed that the entire passenger side was scraped and dented.

"Wow...this is some bad damage. Would you like me to have them take this to the body shop for a free appraisal?" I questioned.

"Oh no sweetie, it'll just happen again."

That's right, "'ll just happen again."

1 comment:

sarah said...

i guess it's good that bev is driving a good two hours away from us...