Wednesday, April 11

Highlights and Lessons

My days at Toyota have been super crazy, to the point that all I want to do when I'm not working is sleep, but here are some highlights and lessons from the past couple days I want to share.

Sometimes the only art I see is at lunch. This picture hangs in the restaurant down the street that, in my opinion, is the equivalent of Japanese fast food. I saw it and thought, "that is a painting done in the spontaneous style, however, the emphasis is on man rather than nature so it must be a reflection on confusion theories as opposed to taoist."

These are the flower fields; they run along the same road as all the dealerships, so we get to enjoy them as we take cars back and forth.

Down here I have my own street.

Finally, an important lesson. No matter how badly a customer's vehicle stinks, you are only allowed to make this face when they aren't looking. Apparently my expressions are too obvious sometimes, which entertains the mechanics, but does not always go over well with vehicle owners.

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alexae said...

Nice shirt, You always choose the jobs with the sexy uniforms huh?;)