Wednesday, April 4

Just Cars

I began my job at in the service department at Toyota today; signing myself up for an undetermined stint as "a greeter". What does this title mean? Well, if you come to Toyota for service, I will be the person who welcomes you and assigns your car a service advisor. I also get to move cars, run errands, smile and be pretty, and ease the nerves of old ladies who don't like the looks of the young man behind the wheel of their car. This job has nothing to do with art, and I am telling myself that I can be okay with that...for now. If nothing else, I get to drive a ton of interesting cars and meet a wide variety of people. The move from Idyllwild to Oceanside was interesting...and short lived. I am now living in Fallbrook, and adjusting to life off of the mountain; I guess it had to happen eventually.

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lisa d said...

fallbrook?? eh quoi???