Sunday, May 6

The Swallows Inn

Yesterday for Cinco de Mayo my boyfriend Chris had a sound gig at The Swallows Inn bar in San Juan Capistrano, so I tagged along. It was a dive bar, complete with random street signs, photographs, helmets, and underwear hanging from the ceiling, but the band was really good and I got to sit back behind the sound board and watch all the drunk people dance.

After the first couple sets my ears started to hurt and I decided to get some air and explore downtown San Juan Capistrano.

One of the side streets had road repairs that reminded me of abstract expressionist paintings.

Over all it was a good day; I got to explore a cool little town, listen to some good music, watch some crazy dancing, and hang out with Chris.

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Anonymous said...

Ah good ol SanJjuan Cap, always fun. I didn’t know that Chris did sound work, you and your music men!