Monday, June 4

On Borders

The first Saturday of every month is open house at the Artists Village in Santa Ana. I had never made it to one while I lived in Orange, but I made it to the one this past Saturday. It was a nice opportunity to see into the seldom open galleries, and I had the chance to see the new exhibit at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art. This month's exhibit is titled "The Great Wall of Chinga." It addresses the idea of border walls, specifically between the US and Mexico. According to the curator's statement, artists were asked to "design the wall and make a work that conveys their views on border walls." I found that not all work really addressed the idea of borders, that the show was more of a mixture of wall commentary and a celebration of Hispanic culture. However, there were some notable pieces that I've decided to share.

The following two drawings go together and require the titles to understand them. As a commentary on the issues of Juarez Mexico, the drawings speak volumes.

"I am not a mouse being raised for a snake" by Sonya Fe

"I guess we are mice" by Sonya Fe

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