Wednesday, August 15


Why is it, that customers assume yelling at me does them any good?

ME: Mam, I understand you're upset, but I need to know your name.

CUSTOMER: What does it matter?!? I have a TOYOTA!!! You know why it stopped working!

ME: Actually, no, I can't determine that over the phone. We need to see your vehicle in person to determine why it stopped working. Your vehicle will need to be towed in to our location; I need your name, address, and phone number to give to the tow truck driver.

C: My TOYOTA is new!!! It does not work!

ME: Mam, I understand this. You need to listen to me and provide the information I asked. What is your name?

C: My name is pissed off!!!

ME: Mam, I'm trying to help you here, you're going to have to provide me some information so I can take care of this for you. Where is the vehicle? What kind of vehicle is it?

C: I'm at the outlet mall, you'll see me.

ME: Okay, what model is your Toyota? What color is it?

C: A NEW one!!!

ME: Alright mam, I'm going to have to transfer you to my manager because I don't believe anyone else can help you at this point. was a long day.

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alexae said...

they really shouldn't let angry deaf people purchase vehicles... it's just not safe.