Thursday, August 23

So Strange.

As the fall semester approaches the weirdest thing is that I am not getting ready for school. I haven't been working out the details of an art enriched schedule, nor comparison shopping for books, organizing boxes of school supplies, or planning how to decorate my dorm room. I'm not anticipating a reunion with any favorite professor, planning any gallery exhibits, nor am I dreading cafeteria food. Instead, I'm watching the majority of my coworkers plan their work and school schedules and listening to their stories about trying to crash the classes they need to graduate. I'm being asked to cover shifts for people who have school conflicts, and studying customer service policies instead of cramming random art information into my head. I wear slacks and button down shirts almost every day instead of jeans, t-shirts, and flip flops. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to be done with my BA and grateful to have a job that pays pretty well, even though it has nothing to do with my art degree. I just kind of miss the excitement of new classes and how it feels to sit in a dark room listening to the whir of a projector and the well rehearsed lecture of my favorite professors. I miss laughing at the people who chose an art history course because they thought it would be an easy A, only to find that there is actually a lot of research and work to be done to get that A. I wish I could take Contemporary Art of the Soviet Union with Wendy and listen to Dave ramble on about being a ceramist for the love of the medium rather than churning out a product. I wish I was planning on a trip to the Gypsy Den with Lamia to escape campus and pretend like we were going to study because we had brought books. Yes, I know their will eventually be grad school, and I know it's good for me to take a break from school for a little while, but I can't help feeling a little odd about the whole situation.

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