Saturday, August 18


Every once in awhile I have a conversation with a customer that frustrates, saddens, and humors me all at once. This afternoon I had one of those calls.

ME: Thank you for calling Toyota service, how can I help you?

CUSTOMER: I need to have some work done under warranty.

ME: Okay, mam. What kind of issue are you having with your vehicle?

CUSTOMER: My airbag light is flashing and I need to tow it in and have that fixed under warranty.

ME: Well, I can make an appointment to have that looked at, but I can't guarantee a waranty without seeing the vehicle. Our shop foreman has to assess the vehicle and confirm the problem to be a manufacturers defect before we can write it off as a waranteed item.

CUSTOMER: WELL!! I don't like your service! I want to report you! What's your name?

ME: Mam, I don't believe you've given me much chance to help you out here. I'm simply explaining our policy to you so you don't end up with a fee you hadn't been expecting. This is simply the policy of our company.

CUSTOMER: I was told by a man at Toyota in Oregon, over the phone, that it would be covered under warranty.

ME: Well, at OUR dealership I'm not authorized to verify waranty issues over the phone. I'm sorry. I can make an appointment to have your airbag looked at, but like I said, I can't guarantee anything over the phone.

CUSTOMER: Maybe I need to speak to a man about this then!!!!

ME: Mam, my gender has nothing to do with my ability to understand your concerns about your vehicle. I'm probably more qualified than most men to discuss this issue with you. Now, if you want us to look at your vehicle I would be more than willing to set up the appointment for you.

She did eventually make an appointment for service...then she called back an hour later to cancel it. Fun stuff.

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