Saturday, September 15

The Faceless Worker

There is a website I frequently visit that specializes in street art; featured this week was the work of an artist called Sixten. The piece is called "Daydream of the Faceless Worker", and as soon as I saw it I admired it and related to it a little. Not to say that Toyota treats me like a faceless worker, in fact they value our individuality and strengths more than many companies would, but sometimes the mundane office environment needs to be counteracted by a little creativity. The wings of the piece are composed of 4,000 post it notes. There are no images of the work fully completed, but you get the idea from these two. The artist statement about the work? "I estimate that I banged the wall about 12000 times putting them all up. My palm still hurts four days later. I’ve had the idea for a long time so it was nice to finally be able to do it. Working in an office environment is so depressing, daydreaming is the savior… building ladders of paper clips or post-it note wings is the only way to escape…"

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SIXTEN said...

Heya, glad you like it. if you want to see it completed, I have some pics in my blog...