Tuesday, September 25

Rico Suave

So here is Rico, hopefully my last new car for a long while. After trading in a car, handing over a car, and now watching a third car reach the end of it's life span I've found a new vehicle. A friend of mine, while watching me cry yet again over car problems, mentioned that his cousin was selling their old Honda Civic. My first question was "Why?" The reasons were actually multiple; they recently bought a cute little Lexus and a giant Chevy with a Hemi engine. The little Honda had stopped being used when the newer/more fun vehicles arrived on the scene. Also, the Civic had been promised to their oldest son. However, the son started acting out and his grades started slipping so the threat of selling the car was presented. His grades continued to plummet, so his parents followed through and sold the car to me. This beautiful little Civic is pretty darn awesome though. It's a 1999 manual transmission with 87,000 miles on it, which is hardly anything on a well maintained Honda. I've had two mechanics thoroughly inspect and approve of it (the beauty of working at a dealership is that I have access to multiple mechanics). I'm definitely happy, and looking forward to enjoying this car for a long time. So....does anyone know anyone who wants to buy a 2001 Saturn SL?


Meghan said...

What happened to the Saturn?

kelly v said...

The transmission's starting to slip and I'd rather not pour thousands of dollars into that when I can upgrade to something more reliable.

alexae said...

whoo hoo! We can start a super cool, "boringly reliable Honda's rock" club. Sad that the 6 year old Saturn is already having troubles, but congrats on the new vehicle.