Monday, October 29

Does this qualify me for the carpool lane?

I knew there was a spider in my trunk because I kept finding spider webs. I'm not sure how long it's been in there, if it came with the vehicle, or if it found it's way in some other way. I'm also wondering what food the spider has been eating, because if I kill it and suddenly have an insect infestation then I'm only hurting myself; what harm could a trunk spider cause? Especially because my trunk spider is really quite small. I saw the actual specimen yesterday, resting on my CD case, when I opened the trunk to put my groceries inside. The blogger in me said "camera" and then I was too enthralled to kill it. It ran deeper into the trunk as soon as I put down the camera to take action, so I guess it can live in there for awhile longer. The following picture includes my shoe, for scale of course.

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