Tuesday, October 23

Theme Song?

As of right now I am among the lucky few in San Diego county who did not have to evacuate. Yesterday at work, I was sent home to pack because our receptionist had received call notifying everyone in our area that we were on voluntary evacuation. So I went home and packed all that is irreplaceable, enough clothes for a few days, and had planned on fleeing to Idyllwild. Currently, however, it's unlikely that flames will actually reach our complex in Cardiff. There are two red cross evacuation points within five miles of our complex, one in Encinitas and one in Del Mar, so we're pretty confident that our area is out of the path of danger. In fact we live in one of the few areas in the county where the evacuation notice has been lifted. So basically we're just waiting it out in the ash and grossness right now to see what will happen next. I did get the day off of work because they only need two people to answer service phones, and yesterday was my day for that. I spent this day off the way we Visels have been known to spend a day off...cleaning; I even organized our Tupperware and then I cooked Thai coconut soup just because I had time. I'm a little sick of being inside right now, but it's either that or inhale all the ash. Basically, I still have the important stuff packed and in my car which has a full tank of gas and has recently been serviced because the nature of these fires in unpredictable and the Girl scout in me shouts "Be Prepared!" However, we are in the clear for now; if anything new happens I'll let you know.

And because I love "The Office".

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lisa d said...

glad to know that you're safe and eating delicious things. thanks for keeping us posted, i love blogland