Thursday, November 15

Feels Like Home

Last night I found the Encinitas version of the Idyllwild Rustic Theatre. Keziah and I went to see Across the Universe so we chose the theatre closest to our house; this is the La Paloma Theatre which shows mostly independent films. The theatre was built in the 1920s, and I don't think much has changed since then. Despite the elaborate, though dilapidated, architecture the place instantly reminded me of The Rustic. I think the reason I associated the two theatres is that they are both a little worn down, are both a little anti commercial, and both embrace the fact that they're out of the ordinary. Not to mention that the building was freezing and I half expected to find lap blankets draped across the seats like they have at the Rustic. Also, I think the ceiling is supposed to be blue, and maybe if they cleaned it the blue would shine through. The details are cool though, it makes me wish some historical preservation activist would decide to revive La Paloma; it has real potential.


Anonymous said...

It does have great details! Remember, YOU are someone--find a group & point them in the right direction :) Love ya, Mom

alexae said...

lap blankets at the Rustic? When did they get so uptown?