Sunday, November 4

Fire Aftermath

Almost a year ago, my mom and I went to a baby shower for my friend Alexis out in Fallbrook. They used to live in a canyon, a beautiful canyon, but I remember my mom surveying the canyon and stating that it would be a horrible location for a fire. I believe the word she used was, with plenty of fire fighting knowledge to back it up, "eerie." Well, she predicted it dead on, because that is the very canyon the Rice Canyon fire whipped through. Alexis, Brian and Brenna finished loading up their moving truck the day the Santa Ana winds began, and Fallbrook was evacuated the day they arrived at their new house in Wildomar. For the first week they did their best to shelter amongst the boxes every one else in their family who had been evacuated. Their old house was spared, but the fire did come right to the edge of the property. Alexis' brother and sister in law's house was saved too, but the fire reached the edge of their property too. I took a drive through the area today to see the damage for myself.

This house is where the baby shower had been hosted; notice how close to the property the burn line is. The firemen did an amazing job saving houses; I was impressed.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! From the sizzlin' sign to the green belt around around the house! Thanks for posting these. I'm so glad Lex & Brian got the baby out of the major smoke! Love, Mom