Thursday, December 6

Call Backs

I realize I haven't posted too much lately, it's been a little hectic around here, so here's a quick update. I had my interview with the LUX Art Institute on Tuesday and was asked to come back today for sort of a trial run. Basically I'm considering this a call back, which is kind of cool because a full day is better than a half an hour conversation to figure out if I'll be a good fit for the internship and if they'll be a good company to work for. I do have some concerns about making this internship work out with my current job because it sounds like the hours would occasionally conflict, but I'm willing to find a restaurant job so I can work at night and intern during the day. I know it's a sacrifice, and frankly a little risky, but I'd rather take a chance on advancing my career than play it safe at Toyota. The internship, if I get it, will last six months. If things work out they might offer me a full time staff position at the end of that six months. If nothing else I will have a resume with something a little more substantial than The Idyllwild Area Museum, and some good connections to galleries and other museums. I'm not going to stress finding a new job until I am given a solid offer for this internship though, but I'll keep you updated.

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Meghan said...

So how did it go?