Wednesday, January 16

Lunch with Alfred

One of the benefits of working where I do is that I'm in close enough proximity to the beach that I can eat my lunch there. It was beautiful today, so I did just that. I drove down to the coast, found a nice spot on the wall over looking the water. I turned on my ipod, and took out my sandwich while taking in the view.

Before I knew it I was surrounded by seagulls; they settled around me, just outside of my comfort zone, which would have been fine except for the fact that they kept switching places. Flying over my head and then readjusting, jumping around a little, and then settling in again. The noises they made reminded me a little bit of finding Nemo where all of the seagulls gather around the fish shouting "Mine!? Mine!? Mine!?"

In reality though? It was more Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds", ominous creatures out for my lunch. A shady looking seagull sported a little red spot on it's beak that resembled blood. One large, grey, seagull seemed like the leader of the group; with every bite of food I took he would jump around and squawk, instigating the others. After I was done with my lunch they left as quickly as they'd arrived, no doubt to rumble with some other gang of birds.

As I stood to leave my perch I looked down the shore and saw a photographer busily working with three guys in tight jeans and flowy white button down shirts. I assume it was a photo shoot for some cheesy boy band; I was thoroughly amused and wanted to stay and watch, but my break was nearly over so I returned to my car and chuckled to myself about how strange my lunch break had been.

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