Thursday, January 10

LUX Update

Yes, life got crazy and I haven't blogged for a week; though I honestly was planning on blogging tonight before I got the guilt trip from my favorite big sister. Today was my second official day at LUX; I was allowed to answer the phone, and *surprise* I know how to answer a phone in a professional manner. A side note on this, museum patrons are so much easier to deal with than Toyota customers...or panicky locksmith customers for that matter. Also, I took a few pictures today. This is in no way a complete tour of the museum, but it's a start. Here is the current main building; there will one day be a much larger building attached, but for now there is this one which is our offices, gallery, and artist residence.

This green and purple trailer is the original building. The institute has been around for about a decade now, but operating out of this trailer and doing mobile art education. This is why it's such a big deal that there is now a large official building. The trailer is now a classroom for the various educational programs at LUX.

This is the view from my desk; unlike Toyota, I have nature to look at instead of an ugly gray wall.

This is the other direction from my desk, it's exciting, I know.

This is the sculpture garden thus far, vacant chair anyone?

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