Friday, January 25

Sekyung Lee

Yesterday at LUX while discussing artists who should exhibit with us, an artist was brought up who uses human hair to create her designs. Her name is Sekyung Lee, a Korean artist who exhibits mostly in Germany. All of the intricate designs, bellow, were made with dyed human hair.

What they reminded me of was a piece titled "Fur Breakfast" by the Surrealist artist Meret Oppenheim in 1936. Fur, soft and usually comforting, when combined with the cup and spoon becomes repulsive; the thought of drinking from it has always creeped me out. The same applies for Sekyung Lee's dinner ware, which is deceptively similar to traditional porcelain. However, knowing that those designs would leak little bits of hair into my food if I ever tried to eat off of them is more than I can handle.

She also creates large, hair covered rugs; the image bellow shows the progression of a rug designed for an outdoor pavilion in Germany. Notice the boxes of hair, take in the scale of the rug, the intricate design, and imagine what it must feel like between your toes. Disgusting!

Sekyung also does tile designs, which are surprisingly intricate, and I am more secure with because I would never be asked to eat off of them or have to walk barefoot upon them.

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alexae said...

That's disgusting and impressive and Way better than fur breakfast. Much like my objection for "untitled" art I really hate modern art that doesn't look very difficult or interesting.