Thursday, January 3

Tea Anyone?

Today was the first day of my internship at the LUX Art Institute, and while some of the glitter of my trial day has worn off a bit I was still extremely happy to be there and wished more than anything that this was more than a part time job. I never once had to calm down an angry Prius owner, or explain the process for turning off a maintenance light. The LUX office is a very quiet place, which is much different than my Toyota office; three calls in a row is considered a rush and even the clicking computer keys follow a different rhythm than the ones I usually hear. I was given the freedom to browse art catalog after art catalog in order to find the best work each artist had to offer.

Retyping the catalog essay for the upcoming show proved to be interesting; largely because the director's handwriting resembles my grandmother Visel's. Discerning what corrections and additions she intended with her notes was a bit of a challenge. Then there were the debatable issues; is it "Plein-aire" or "Plein-air"? Do you really need that many comas? Is it proper to omit the first names of famous artists? The answer to the last question is no, every artist in an academic paper should have a first and last name when first introduced in the essay no matter how famous the name is, but for the sake of word count I went along with omitting Edgar from Degas and Claude from Monet. Also, tea is offered almost every time some one gets up to go to the kitchen. Why do I only get to do this once a week? Oh yeah, rent.


Anonymous said...

No surprise - I LOVE the bookman!!! Who is he by and is he mixed media, real books, leather, wood? Hard to tell in places. Mom

kelly v said...

The book man is called "Le Libraire", and he's an oil painting by a French artist named André Martins de Barro.

alexae said...

Hey Kelly! It's been over a week, I'm feeling a bit deprived here. Hey how about you post a top 5 list. How about the 5 best things about Toyota, or the 5 most overrated paintings ever... how about the top 5 box designs for cereal... hummm. OkILoveYouByeBye!