Monday, February 25

Lightning Crashes

A couple weeks ago there was a storm in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. During that storm the famous "Christ the Redeemer" statue was struck by lightning. This is not that surprising because lightning will often strike the tallest point; the 700 ton "Christ the Redeemer" is 130 feet tall and stands atop 2,296 foot tall Corcovado Mountain, so it has a pretty good chance of being struck. It is, however, rare that this would be captured on film. The resulting image is pretty impressive, I'm sure that to be there and witness it in person would have been even more so.


alexae said...

Do you think that God is;
1. Drawing attention to the Giant Jesus
2. having fun with electro-magnitizing Giant Jesus
3. Striking Giant Jesus down as an idol
4. Being a critic of Rio de Janero's civic art

Cool Photo. Did GJ survive? Is he made of metal?

kelly v said...

Yup, Giant Jesus made it through unscathed; he's made of reinforced concrete.

alexae said...

Don't tell the Idyllwild monument people about this... they could build a monstrosity to last the ages (ick.).