Sunday, February 3

Mystery Dish

My grandma used to have a signature dish that she would serve at every formal meal. It was basically red Jello with fruit and nuts mixed in, placed atop a single leaf of iceberg lettuce and topped with cool whip. I remember thinking that it was the most disgusting thing in the world, and even as a kid I could not bring myself to call it "salad" as she did. Not until recently have I found something, made from Jello, that was more disgusting. While visiting Chris this weekend he showed me a Jello dish that had been given to his family. Take a gander:

Inside of the tupper ware container, resembling something that has been regurgitated, is a mixture of orange Jello, cottage cheese, carrots, bell peppers, and possibly chives. Yes, it looks like vomit in a tupper ware tub, and Chris' mom thinks it's delicious.


alexae said...

I can't believe you're comparing Grandma's Jello "salad" to this. My problem with the Jello was that Grandma wanted to serve it with a full five course meal... This truly looks like vomit in a tub... mmm.

Anonymous said...

Wait! Bell peppers instead of...of...shredded carrots!? Heresy! I think of church potlucks of my youth. I think of the acres of cookbooks on our shelves. I can make this for you! I'm so excited! Why are you dialing Freeman?