Thursday, February 7

Astrid Preston

The Astrid Preston/Plein Air exhibit opened to the public today. I spent the day printing programs and preparing for the opening event on Saturday. It's all very exciting. Here are some images from the current exhibit.

This is the piece on loan from the San Diego Museum of Art. The LUX exhibit is part of a collaboration between the two museums that highlights the differences and similarities between landscape paintings of the past and landscape paintings of the present. One major difference between Astrid's work and this painting is scale. Most of Astrid's paintings are very large, though the one she's working on as a demonstration is only 16 X 16".

Astrid's current work is mostly of close details of California plans. From a distance it looks almost photographic; with good reason, she usually works off of photographs.

Her older stuff is what impresses me. This is a detail from a much larger painting, done earlier in her career. The entire painting is covered in these trees; unfortunately it was too sunny to get a good picture of it, but in my picture of the gallery you can see it on the far left wall.

Here are some of the other paintings from Astrid's early career.

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