Saturday, February 16

A Seismic Birthday

In part because of my baking skills, Zack ended up having a geologically themed 26th birthday. He had asked for a chocolate cake, and I had the day off so I volunteered to bake it. During the transfer of cake to presentation platter I had an accident and the cake split in two; instead of trying to frost over the gap I just went with the tragedy. A fault line cake, complete with a house broken in two and a cowboy surveying the gap. We were going to have dinner at the Stone Brewery anyways, so that ended up being part of the geology lesson. Who doesn't love a little plate tectonics? I believe a fault line like this would have been caused by divergent plates; if you look closely you'll also notice the transform fault lines.


alexae said...

Hey remember when you couldn't use the oven or the stove, so you mostly "cooked" with the freezer... remember freezing milk that you colored green and then shaving it into a bowl with red hots... mmm ice cream. ;)

kelly v said...

Yup, and then mom got sick of finding frozen milk and taught me how to "cook" salad.

sarah said...

hey! speaking of cooking and parties- Nancy's party is friday! did you get your invitation?