Monday, April 28

I Feel It All

I am fully aware that I have been light on the blog posts lately; I don't really have an excuse, aside from a lack of inspiration. This reflects my current attitude, I suppose. I hate to be so apathetic, I'm finding it hard to persevere despite the lack of response from hiring companies. I'm not necessarily looking for a museum job at this point; I realize that this is a long term goal that really does require me to go to grad school. Grad school is about a year away though, so now I'm looking for something to pay bills until that time comes. Am I too picky about this pass the time job? To some extent, I might be. It's simply that I know what I can do, what I can't do, and what I refuse to do. If I have to wait for grad school then I will because it means enough to me to do so, however, if I have to wait it out I'd like to work in a job that makes a difference in the grand scheme of life.

There is good news, I have an interview with Teach California Charters this coming Saturday for a position as an English Language Arts Teacher. The process for the position will take some time. If I do well at the interview I'll have to pass the CSET and the CBEST tests. Once the results for those are posted, interviews at individual charter schools take place. If I get a position at a charter school it will start in the Fall. Yes, there are a lot of 'ifs' in this opportunity, and there are about four months between now and the time I would start if I start. Fingers crossed though, and lots of studying for those subject tests.

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You can do it! Yes you can!!!