Tuesday, April 15


I've been a terrible blogger lately; you would imagine that I would have lots of time to blog since I am currently unemployed, but I have actually been pretty busy searching and applying for jobs. Also, since I recovered from my week of sickness, I've been working on an installation piece I like to call 'Stacks'. Using found objects I have created four large stacks in our front and back yard. The objects chosen for the composition are part of a cyclical decomposition; from seed to tree, tree to ground, ground to soil. Though in my stacking of these objects I have stopped the final phase of returning to the soil; I call this interruption 'fire clearance'.

This was my assistant for the project.

He tested the soil, post clearance, to assure it's suitability for rolling and sleeping.

The installation will be in place until the guy with the truck comes by to take it away. This exhibit will not travel beyond the local dump, but it is likely that other local artists will create similar 'Stacks' this season. One precaution to other artists looking to replicate this installation, wear sunscreen.


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Please invite any aspiring artist to collect any of the raw material for their projects. I will cut what I can for fire wood, but there is enough for many art opuses. Feel freely. DOD