Thursday, May 29

Just Wandering

Today was a beautiful day in Idyllwild. I got off work fairly early, so I was able to enjoy it. I sat in my car playing with the settings on my camera; here was born the sepia tone, rear view mirror, self portrait.

After playing with my camera in the front seat of my car, I decided to go for a walk. Ranger, our neighbor's dog, greeted me as he usually does.

I then proceeded to walk into town, hunting for new things to photograph. I was on a bloggers mission yet I walked past new gardens, familiar stores, and people I've known forever, never once pulling out the camera I dutifully carried with me. In hindsight, I know that I saw lots of beautiful and interesting things but I take them all for granted. I could have many more interesting photographs for this post if I had really wanted to. Anyways, after visiting with Ranger I went to the Java Lounge and bought a blended chai latte and caught up with several people who asked me if I was done with college yet. This has become I normal question since my return to the mountain, and it confirms my suspicions that people either don't pay attention to how old I am or are in denial about the passage of time and refuse to believe that I am going on two years as a post graduate.

On my way home I did find this beautiful plant. It took me by surprise because it is exactly like a plant that grows in our own yard, except ours grows orange flowers. I have never seen purple blossoms like this on our plants. I don't remember what it's called, but here it is.


lisa d said...

denial about the passage of time- definitely. and i think the flowers are columbine.

alexae said...

Yea, they still ask me the same question (7 years post grad)...or they call me Kelly... sigh.