Friday, May 9


An unexpected wake up call came from my car this morning. I had been sleeping in Chris's sister's room when I heard my car alarm, at about 2:30 am. It took a minute to realize that it really was my car because my alarm rarely goes off. I grabbed my keys and went to the front of the house. I turned off the alarm and realized that none of the lights were going out. I walked closer to the car to find the reason why. A screwdriver was wedged between the top of the driver's side window and the weather stripping. I ran inside to wake up Chris and tell him what happened. We called the police, who arrived amazingly fast. Chris and I looked on as they gathered finger prints and filed out paperwork. Though yes, this whole thing shook me up quite a bit, there is much that I am grateful for. I am grateful for how comforting Chris was during the incident, and that the police arrived quickly. I am also grateful that my alarm went off; I had almost had it removed when I bought the car because the beeping it makes when I set it is really annoying. After this? I can handle an annoying beep. Also, there isn't really any damage. These marks along the drivers side trim, from the screwdriver, is about all there is.

The investigator also noticed finger prints along the weather stripping of this baby window; it looked like the thieves were trying to pop it out or something. Luckily that was it. My car is in one piece, nothing was taken, and the paper work is started in case they catch someone. Personally, I am a little shaken, but mostly I really am thankful. It could have been worse.

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