Sunday, June 8

Mapping Idyllwild: Stephan Koplowitz Taskforce

An artistic event has taken place in Idyllwild over the past three days;"Mapping Idyllwild" featuring choreography by Stephen Koplowitz and the Taskforce Dance Company. It was a series of dance performances that took place at several locations on the hill; The Rustic Theater, The Troys at Idyllwild Arts, The Historic Society, Humber Park, The Fort, Inspiration Point, and Town Hall. Sadly, I was working during most of the performances, but I did make it to the performance today at the Town Hall. The performance took place on both the inside and outside stage. There were two audiences, one at each stage, and the dancers would cross through the center door between the two. After the first performance, the audiences switched places to experience the alternative perspective. I began at the outdoor stage.

This is a multi city project, and each performance will be built around whatever location the dancers travel to. The next city to host the performance piece will be LA from June 29-July 6.

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