Thursday, July 17

One Question

Does one of these :) count as punctuation in casual email and such these days? I ask because I find myself wanting to drop the period in a sentence if I add a smile symbol. It makes the implied face appear awkward :). Like the face has a mole or zit. When placed after the period the face just looks isolated and not associated to the proper sentence. :) Poor face :( So what is the answer?


alexae said...

I think that if you're writing an email where you're concerned about proper punctuation, you should use words and phrases that convey your meaning throughout the bulk of it... then later if you want to use an emoticon use it more like a closer.

However if you're Dying to use them in the middle of a letter I think that the smiley with the zit is the better way to attach it to the sentence you're trying to use it with.
Perhaps though you could give it a few spaces after the mouth for aesthetic purposes :) .

Kelly V. said...

I think I agree with the zit a few spaces away. Though I have had a couple, very casual, email conversations with people who have substituted the period with the emoticon.