Thursday, August 21

California Stars

My posts these days have been fairly sparse where actual events in my own life are concerned. I attribute this mostly to the fact that I have been working non stop since I got home from Eugene; this means that I have been either too tired to write much or the events at work seem like little to write about. However, I am done with Taquitz Pines, and I can think of nothing more than how excited I am to move into my new apartment at Astrocamp. Saturday is move in day and I will be cramming all my prep into tomorrow. Laundry, organizing paper work, cleaning my car, packing, and throwing away my nasty kitchen shoes. In honor of the big move across town, and the new shift of focus, I've adopted this song by Wilco "California Stars" as my theme song for the weekend.


lisa d said...

how are your new digs?

alexae said...

Yay! Happy moving weekend!