Tuesday, August 5

It's Official!

I'm going to be an instructor at Astrocamp! I start on the 23ed, and I am incredibly excited to have a job that involves fun AND education. I couldn't have gotten this job without some references who said such good things about me that the interviewer was suspicious that I had paid them off. So thank you Josh and Lisa! I will thank you in person as soon as I have a chance to swing by camp. So the blog entries might be changing a bit soon, but hopefully for the better; they will still be largely focused on art, but probably with a little extra science thrown in. Oh man, it's good to know I'll be using my degree for something.


lisa d said...

congratulations!!!!! i think you're really going to love it! can i visit once you're settled in and steal some class ideas? :)

Kelly V. said...


Sherry said...

Way to go Kelly. Congratulations.