Sunday, August 17


I have never understood why anyone would rob the bank here in Idyllwild. The escape routes off the hill are limited, and the security has been enhanced at the branch so cameras are in every corner of the building and at each entrance. Despite all of this the Guaranty Bank has been robbed at least three times in my memory. Those cameras did capture a pretty good image of the robber though, and I could swear I went to school with this guy. I'm not entirely sure who it is, but that is certainly not his real hair and I am 99% sure that the sketch artist over exaggerated his chin. Check out the full story on the Town Crier website.


alexae said...

So Lame! The drawing doesn't look that much like the photo... the drawing looks vaguly like aunt Jean actually... I think it's the bob.

Kelly V. said...

Seriously, I want them to catch the guy so I can see how off the artist is.