Friday, August 29

Some things just don't change.

As if working with children didn't remind me enough of being a kid, being back at Astrocamp is sort of a crazy childhood flashback sometimes. I remember coming here in seventh grade, and I remember sneaking into things with Kiersten (a friend who used to live on campus) when we weren't supposed to. Certain classes are the same as they were when I was here, and many of the murals haven't changed at all since before I was a camper. Interestingly enough, the classes I hated as a camper are the same ones I hate right now, and certain aspects of my childhood self arise on occasion. Pale girl in the burning sun is a good example. We spent the morning training on the ropes course and then the afternoon on a little hike. I diligently applied sunscreen to my face, my arms, and focused intently on my nose. However, I also wore a V neck shirt and had my hair parted. How could I forget?!?! 24 years of pale skin, painful lessons, and still I missed exposed skin patches. Perhaps it's the fact that I've been inside all summer, hidden from any burn that's unrelated to hot pans or water. It's a good thing we have aloe plants growing in our sun room, I'm putting those suckers to use until this redness turns into freckles.

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alexae said...

You're just working up that sexy NASCAR tan. Soon you'll be ready to go trawl the bars in Orange. ;)