Sunday, October 19

The Huntington

I have been craving a museum trip lately and yesterday I finally had a chance to go to one; the Huntington Library. According to my parents I had been there before, but I have no memory of it, and for some reason the Huntington was not on the list of museums we had to visit for Chapman. So yesterday my mom and I maneuvered our way through freeways and hunted for little "Huntington Library" signs, hidden throughout the affluent Pasadena area, until we made our way into the crowded parking lot. It was the opening day of an orchid show and the "Greene and Greene" exhibit, so we were accompanied by a whole slew of orchid lovers and architecture enthusiasts. It was nice to get out though, I needed some culture.

Amongst the other art lovers and students writing papers, there was also a group of boyscouts. They made me laugh when I overheard them discussing Gainsborough's Blue Boy, "That outfit looks itchy." Yup, I suppose it does.

This device is intriguing, at the center of the rings is the earth. Yup, the universe rotating around the earth.

This was my favorite portrait; I like the informality of the pose. Of course the subject reading seems appropriate for the location as well.

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