Tuesday, October 14

Why is it...

...that workout videos have such terrible music? I have a weird schedule lately and it's just easier to find a cardio video to do when I have time. However, they all make me want to vomit. Why is it that each one has some cheesy techno beat that runs throughout the program while some former cheer leader shouts out commands that I dance as if I'm in a '90s dance club. Even the videos that have dance moves that look like fun have terrible techno crap as music. How hard would it be to just put some normal songs on one of these workouts, classic rock anyone? I'm sure it has something to do with copyrights, but there has to be a better alternative than finding a techno drum beat that reminds me of something I used to create on my mom's plastic Casio piano. My yoga dvds are fine, but then again it's hard to mess up a soundtrack when it basically consists of a steady cello line accompanied by a new agey flute and harp. *Sigh* I mean *deep inhale...and...exhale*

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