Friday, November 7

LACMA, I missed you.

After constant assignments to visit the LACMA during college, I never thought I would truly miss those vast, pretentious, galleries. It felt good to go back though; it turns out that I even missed the cranky gallery guards. I was able to see the new contemporary wing, which is quite impressive, and contained work by artists such as Andy Warhol, Marcel Duchamp, Franz Kline, and Robert Rauschenberg. Here is my favorite Rauschenberg, "Canyon" 1959. If you look at it in passing the canvas is interesting enough, but when you really stop to examine the details it really becomes interesting; a photograph of stars, spare tin, pieces of an old shirt that have been integrated into the canvas.

This is a Picasso and, while Picasso was talented, he created so many works of art that I almost expect to see at least one in every museum I go to. This painting amused me though because I can almost swear that Picasso painted a cubist mullet.

I was most looking forward to seeing the Richard Serra sculptures. They are massive metal coils in the bottom layer of the new contemporary wing. Visitors get to walk through the sculptures, touch them, and examine the rusted walls.

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