Friday, January 9

After a month and a half gone, I'm back at Astrocamp! While most things are the same, there is also quite a bit that has changed. I have a new apartment, some new coworkers, and as a returner I now have some new responsibility; I'm one of the head techs now, which means I have to learn the intricacies of some really expensive equipment. This first week back has been interesting, mostly because I'm trying to finalize grad school applications, help out with training, meet new people, adjust to an apartment that hasn't been lived in for a few seasons (which means maintenance has been in fixing various items all week), and I have a cold. Fun stuff. It's good though, I love the excitement of the new season. Some of my new coworkers have that same nervousness I had a few months ago and it reminds me of how hesitant I was about teaching some of these classes; it's amazing how intimidating a group of ten year olds can be. What does next week hold? Well, I will be teaching my first five day group, which is exciting because with three day groups it seems like the kids are leaving just when you've learned their names and personalities. Oh science camp, it's never boring.

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