Monday, February 9

Astro Update

*Sigh* Oh, my last school. Where do I begin? I knew they would be a challenge, but I had no clue what a disaster the three days would end up becoming. The morning was fine, but the ropes course was where it all fell apart. We had the one child who had a med form that said she "didn't like physical activity." When we were at the course I told her that I wanted her to at least put on a harness and feel out the situation, she told me that her mom didn't want her to do the course. I said, "Alright, well I need to make sure everyone else gets a chance to do this but when we get to your turn we can discuss your options." She agreed and I moved on with my lesson. At some point in time she got a hold of a cell phone and told me she was talking to her mom, could I talk to her? Well I was belaying another student, so not at that moment, but I would when I could. The class moved on, my chaperon told me that he had talked to her mom and it was all the fears of the student. The girl told me that she wanted to do the element and I told her to do what she was comfortable with, everything here is challenge by choice after all. She completed the whole thing, smiling. I thought the incident was over, handled, moving on. While eating my lunch I was tapped on the shoulder by her mother, who launched into me for putting her daughter on the element. Throughout her rampage she threatened me, told me that because I'm not a mom I could never be safe enough, and then she revealed the thing that was NEVER revealed prior to this; her little girl has a hole in her heart and I could have killed her by putting her on the ropes course. Whether that's true or not, it wasn't something that was revealed on her med form and THAT is what pissed me off. Don't be vague on your med forms people. If your child is in a wheel chair you don't write, 'Johnny has issues walking right now.' Or if your child has seizures you don't write 'Suzy doesn't like flashing lights.' Seriously, the whole incident was uncalled for and it put a HUGE damper on my day and a strain on our entire group. I was supported in my actions by all adults involved, including my boss and the rest of the staff that looked like they were ready to rumble when the woman started yelling at me. This week looks to be challenging because of the snow, but I can handle a little snow after all of that. Snow is at least peaceful.

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alexae said...

Ooh I like this game;
Bobby should not have sweets,
Vlad is sensative to daylight
Jenny has direction issues,
Joey has low energy problems...

What's really wrong?

Answers; Bobby has diabetes, Vlad is a vampire, Jenny is blind and Joey has meningitis... Yay.