Tuesday, March 31

The Mighty Mug

In my memory of my first year of college there is a professor who had a steaming cup of coffee every morning during his lecture. Expounding on the history of the book of Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John, he would pause to sip from his mug, sigh, and continue with his lecture. The pleasure this small luxury brought to his mornings was obvious, and I realize now that my New Testament professor was certainly not the only teacher I've ever had who enjoyed a hot beverage while lecturing. Though he passed away from cancer a few years ago, his contented sigh reverberates for me still. I imagine a brief thank you prayer uttered in that sigh, a thank you for the simple pleasures available throughout our days. I have come to know that same pleasure as I teach my morning lessons here at Astrocamp; especially on the days where my groggy head struggles to wake up enough to impart knowledge and wisdom on the young minds before me. *Sigh* Thank you for laughter, the sunlight, and a hot cup of coffee to remind me of teachers who have stood in the same place I stand in now.

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Anonymous said...

I'm copying this over break to post in the elem. school teacher's lounge and start us a positive note when we go back over break. It brought a grateful tear to my eyes! Love ya, mom