Wednesday, March 25

Ten Years at the Grand Central Art Center

I went to Orange county to meet up with a friend for lunch yesterday. I got to Santa Ana a little early so I decided to check out the exhibit at Cal State Fullerton's Grand Central Art Center; it's the tenth anniversary so there was a compilation of pieces from various exhibits since they first opened. I chose some of my favorites to share with you. Bellow is a photo of a room titled "How green are you?" The whole room was covered in AstroTurf except for the mirrored sculpture in the center.

This installation particularly interested me. The piece is called "Spin the Bottle". When you first approach the table to bottle begins to spin, as you walk away it stops. I suspect that the spinning is caused by an electromagnetic field; I noticed the magnets in the bottle and the wire plugged into the wall. It would be something like a theremin, when you approach the magnetic field, the tension pushes upon the magnets inside the bottle. I have no confirmation of this because all the wall plaque said was "multimedia sculpture", but I want to try to replicate the effect for my magnets class here.

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